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They say there is walk for every day of the year in Killarney

The Gear. What to Bring.

Weather & Safety

Caution is advisable on all mountain terrain, and we must adhere to the country code, no dogs, no litter. We adhere to the ‘Leave no trace’ anti-litter and environmental protection campaign. See https://www.leavenotraceireland.org/ Leave only your footsteps.
The weather is so unpredictable here -You can get all the 4 seasons in one day; the conditions can change rapidly.
Mountains make their own weather; it’s gets colder and windier as we climb higher. Looking at the Mountain forecast website today https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Carrauntoohil/forecasts/1038 t
When the temperature in the valley is 9 degrees C and on the summit the temperature is zero.
Add wind chill the temperature IS now minus 6.
If you don’t have the right gear, you’re going to be miserable so be prepared
After heavy rain, mountain streams quickly become torrents and become very difficult to cross, Avoid crossing water if at all possible, and especially during or immediately after, wet weather.
When on the Irish Hills winter or summer my motto is Dress for winter and comfort -no point being miserable. If the weather is fine you can always peel off and stuff the extra clothes in your rucksack. On a brighter note, don’t forget your sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat in hot sunny weather, and take an extra drink too!
So ‘There is no such thing as bad weather only unsuitable clothing’.

Note We may refuse to allow you participate in the ascent if you are not adequately and suitably equipped.

Essential to bring the right gear for your own enjoyment and safety see below for the different grades

For Gear check out https://www.53degreesnorth.ie/



  1. Small rucksack 30 litres or less enough to carry everything for the day don’t carry too much.
  2. Waterproofs Jacket & Trousers ideally breathable
  3. Warm layers like fleeces, several thin layers better than one thick layer -you can regulate your temperature this way.
  4. Suitable footwear leather preferable, with good grips, well fitted comfortable boot.
  5. Trail shoes for the grade easy walks only.
    A good pair of walking socks will make the walk a lot more enjoyable, high wicking sock regulate temperature and prevent blisters.
  6. A warm hat just makes sure it fits well or attached somehow strong winds have a way of separating you and your hat
  7. For summer a wide rimmed sunhat /peaked cap, sun protection, lip balm
  8. A Light pair of Gloves.
  9. 2 litre of water, Sugary drinks if you want, a flask of hot drink in colder weather
  10. Lunch and snacks you will need energy

Recommended but not essential:

  • Trekking Pole/Poles
  • Plastic bags to keep equipment/phones dry
  • Camera
  • Sit Mat
  • Sun Glasses
  • Avoid cotton and jeans, and don’t carry too much weight.


Summer Hiking – Moderate ough to Strenuous

  • Rucksack 30/ 40 litres and a liner drybag essential
  • Good walking Boots preferable leather with a good grip- the walking trail can be wet and slippery after heavy rain.
  • Waterproof Jacket Waterproof Trousers these are literally a life saver in Irish mountain weather
  • Walking trousers stretchy comfortable allow space to move legs no jeans please Hat and Gloves Good Socks
  • Warm Base layer moisture wicking -no cotton –
    mid-layer- outer layer -.
  • Always carry an extra layer/clothing for warmth – especially for the summit or when we top for lunch.
  • Water a least a litre – Lunch food snacks – slow releasing carbohydrates and trail mix – nuts and dried fruit.
  • Sunscreen midge repellent.
  • Optional Mobile phone 0ptional Walking Poles optional
  • We may refuse to allow you participate in the ascent if you not adequately and suitably equipped


Summer Hiking – Moderate ough to Strenuous

  • Backpack/Rucksack
  • A 30–40 litre backpack is recommended with a waist and a chest strap.
  • best to just use a dry bag inside your pack or a black refuse sack to line the inside
  • Individual luncheon/zip lock bags for keeping car keys, wallet and phone giving extra protection to these vulnerable items.
  • Waterproof / windproof jacket and over trousers ideally breathable so decent waterproofs are essential to keep you dry.
  • Trousers choose trousers that are stretchy, comfortable and allow enough space to move your legs freely.
  • A good base layer should move moisture away from your skin, be comfortable and offer a degree of insulation. Get a front zip, as this will help with temperature regulation – avoid cotton
  • Mid Layer/Warmth layers It is better to wear several relatively thin layers than a single thick one so you can more easily adjust your temperature. synthetic fleece
  • Suitable footwear leather preferable, with good grips, well fitted comfortable.
    We do not recommend you wear new boots on a walking holiday, as blisters are often a problem if boots are not worn in.
    The most common injury on the Irish hills is to the ankle or lower leg, usually resulting from a simple slip or fall. This is less likely to happen if you wear comfortable walking boots with good ankle support and a rugged sole.
  • A good pair of wicking hiking socks can make all the difference between an enjoyable hike are non-cotton help regulate temperature and keep them dry, prevent blisters and avoid ‘hot-spots’.
  • Head wear Warm hat /Buff/Balaclava
  • Winter Gloves/Mitts and spare set
  • Adequate amount of drink a litre of water, a sugary drink is always a welcome treat and perhaps a flask of hot drink in colder weather.
  • Lunch and snacks
    slow releasing carbohydrates that replace the energy you use. A trail mix combination of nuts and dried fruit, is a great source of energy.
  • The following are also recommended but not essential
  • Trekking Pole/Poles: Assist forward movement, reduce impact on your knees, and help with balance in difficult, uneven and boggy terrain. Re-sealable plastic bags to keep equipment/phones dry
  • Camera, Sit Mat, Sun Glasses/Ski
  • Goggles, Spare Gloves, Buff/Balaclava Gaiters if you have them
    Headtorch Wallet money – pub
  • Denims jean not suitable a definite no no
  • Personnel first aid kit
  • We may refuse to allow you participate in the ascent if you not adequately and suitably equipped
  • Links Check out 53 Degrees North Cork, https://www.53degreesnorth.ie
    Outdoor Adventure centre Cork https://outdooradventurestore.ie/
    O’Sullivan’s Outdoor store Killarney

Personal first aid kit: (to carry in your rucksack)


  • Blister Treatment (Compeed, Second skin or Moleskin)
  • Vaseline
  • Arnica for bruising or sprains
  • Disinfectant cream for minor cuts
  • Band Aids /Elastoplast for minor cuts
  • Lipsalve
  • Sun cream
  • After sun-cream (Aloe Vera)
  • Insect or Midge Repellent After-bite
  • Tick tweezers
  • Scissors

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