Cycling Gear

They say there is walk for every day of the year in Killarney

Cycling Clothing

  • Breathable underwear (if desired)
  • Breathable tops or t-shirts but not cotton (Base Layer)
  • Cycle shorts with padded bottom / track suit bottoms (not denim jeans)
  • Fleece / pile jacket (or similar – Mid Layer)
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Bicycle Helmet (you are welcome to bring your own but we will provide one if preferable)

For your pannier

  • Warm Hat and Sun Hat
  • Gloves
  • Small Towel
  • Water bottle / Thermos flask (for hot liquids)
  • Swimsuit! (We do get good weather from time to time!)
  • Camera
  • Batteries for camera
  • Sunglasses

Personal first aid kit: (to carry in your rucksack)

  • Vaseline
  • Arnica for bruising or sprains
  • Disinfectant cream for minor cuts
  • Band Aids /Elastoplast for minor cuts
  • Lipsalve
  • Sun cream
  • After sun-cream (Aloe Vera)
  • Personal Medication – to carry just in case during the day
  • Scissors


  • Passport (visa if necessary)
  • Flight Ticket
  • Drivers License
  • Credit Card
  • Copy of your Insurance Cover
  • Money (some cash for your first few days)
  • Suitcase Labels (on all bags)


  • Personal Toiletries, soap and face cloth (wash cloths).
  • Mobile (Cell) phone (though useful in an emergency, it should not be relied on as a safety aid as network coverage is often poor in the hills and countryside)
  • Mobile (Cell) phone charger (+ electrical adaptor)

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